Shenzhen Lo Steel Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-end air compressor air compressor research, design, production, sales, service as one of production enterprises, the company was founded twenty years attached great importance to the upgrading of product innovation and continue to invest R & D resources to fully improve and ensure the production system and product stability.

    Screw air compressor production company in use for years to get the full recognition and a good evaluation: science and technology in the 21st century, the competitive era of low-carbon green, screw steel company deeply duty-bound, Company technical staff for their tireless efforts to R & D under the following production Lo steel brand (ROT-COM) RCB belt drive series, RCD coupling drive series, variable frequency series air compressor, in 2008, successfully developed a national initiative, with independent knowledge RCZ series screw in the property rights patents, high-pressure air compressor, its integration of advanced design concepts and technology to get the approval of the national authorities, and has won the national utility model patent certificate. This results in the birth of China's reverse the situation of high pressure air compressor to rely on imports, out of the plight of foreign monopoly in the field of technology, high-pressure compressed air needs of enterprise solutions for many years of dependence on imports, high cost investment problems, especially a large number of domestic plastic blow molding enterprises from this can the practical price MerryMart Lo steel plates, high pressure air compressor. Series models noise, large displacement, high pressure, low maintenance cost, long life, reliable high-tech products. Lo steel company firmly believes that science and technology are primary productive forces, in 2009 developed a large displacement high pressure screw the supercharged air compressor (pressure up to 420KG); under the joint efforts of the company leadership and technical engineering staff in 2010 air successfully developed a power engine, it is the ideal power mechanical alternative internal combustion engine (aerodynamic engine's working principle is: the primary power source, based on compressor air by electricity into the air energy, and then through the air that can be converted to mechanical energy ; then by mechanical converted to the driving energy, it is a physical process, no chemical reaction).


    Endless innovation the screw steel company is willing to cooperate with you, its seeking development. For our homes, environmental protection and energy saving low-carbon, blue sea and sky, new energy to create a new life.

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