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Select Lo the steel brand variable frequency energy-saving air compressor superiority:
1 screw steel energy-saving inverter control compressor comparison with the traditional control of the compressor, energy conservation is the most practical significance. Demand according to the amount of air supplied to the compressor IPC is the health of the economy. Save electricity about 20%, about half a year to recover funds invested.
2 Reduces operating costs. The the traditional compressor running costs by three components: the initial procurement costs, maintenance costs and energy costs. Energy costs accounted for about 77% of the cost of the compressor is running. By a 44.3% reduction in energy costs, reduce the impact of the equipment plus upconversion starter, soft start soft stop, reduce the impact of start, extend the life of equipment, reduce the amount of maintenance and repair, so the operating costs will be greatly reduced.
3 increase the pressure control accuracy, the inverter control system to have accurate pressure control capability, so that the pressure output of the compressor of the air with the user air system of the gas required to match. The output capacity of the inverter control of the compressor with the change in speed of the motor is changed. Accuracy is improved due to the inverter control of the motor speed, so that it can make the pipe network system pressure is maintained in the range of ± 0.2bar; air compressor motor operating frequency changes, to achieve the air compressor to automatically adjust the motor speed according to the size of the gas consumption , reducing the motor frequent loading and unloading, thus more greatly reduce the operation of the motor power, so that the supply system air pressure maintained constant, i.e. achieve the purpose of energy saving and effective way to improve the quality of the conditions.
4 to extend the life of the compressor. Inverter from 0Hz start the compressor, the starting acceleration time can be adjusted, thereby reducing the impact of electrical and mechanical components of the compressor starting, enhance system reliability, extend the life of the compressor.
5 Lo steel inverter control system can reduce the current fluctuations in the unit start, this fluctuation will affect the current electricity grid and other equipment, frequency conversion can effectively reduce the peak starting current to a minimum.



Displacement / pressure


Screw speed


Motor speed


Motor Power








RCB-20A/Z 2.5/0.7 2300 1450 15 63 1120*810*1260 630
2.4/0.8 2266
1.9/1.0 1912
1.6/1.25 1715
RCB-25A/Z 3.2/0.7 2850 1450 18.5 63 1120*810*1260 680
3.0/0.8 2700
2.4/1.0 2400
2.1/1.25 2150
RCB-30A/Z 3.8/0.7 3450 1450 22 65 1230*950*1410 780
3.6/0.8 3222
3.2/1.0 2825
2.5/1.25 2550
RCB-40A/Z 5.0/0.7 4405 1450 30 68 1230*950*1410 850
4.7/0.8 4130
4.3/1.0 3582
3.6/1.25 3198
RCB-50A/Z 6.7/0.7 3000 1450 37 72 1450*1030*1520 1030
6.5/0.8 2900
5.7/1.0 2400
5.2/1.25 2200
RCB-60A/Z 7.5/0.7 3300 1450 45 75 1450*1030*1520 1100
7.5/0.8 3300
6.7/1.0 3000
5.5/1.25 240
RCB-75A/Z 9.2/0.7 4300 1450 55 78 2000*1450*1600 1450
8.8/0.8 4150
8.2/1.0 3900
7.5/1.25 3500
RCB-100A/Z 14.1/0.7 3100 1450 75 72 2000*1450*1600 1850
13.1/0.8 2900
11.8/1.0 2500
10.0/1.25 2200
RCB-125A/Z 16.5/0.7 3650 1450 90 75 2000*1450*1600 2050
15.6/0.8 3450
14.0/1.0 3100
12.1/1.25 2612


Detailed description: 

5:  6 gear ratio of screw rotor is employed for all RCB series,with the oversize diameter rotor,ultra low rotate speecand low energy consumptionithe high effciency mechanical characteristic of big air displacement can beachieved,the efficiency is 5% ~ 15% higher than the counterpart product of other brands and the rotate speed ofscrew is 35% lower than the counterpart product of other features durability,low-noise and otheradvantages.
Intelligent display controI:More convenient in supervision by working with air compressors.Overall management
can be done from office computers.





Motor Power(kw) 37kw 37kw
Motor speed(r/min) 1450r 1450r
Working pressure(Mpa) 0.8Mpa 0.8Mpa
Screw extruder speed(r/min) 3000r 4300r
Screw gear ratio 5:6 5:6
Displacement(m³/min) 6.5m³ 6.0m³
Exhaust temperature(℃) 85℃ 93℃
Noise(dB(A)) 72dB(A) 75dB(A)


一 High efficiency output

Big rotor low speed so that each unit brake horsepower relative can produce more gas. We make the space between the rotors called " leakage path ", " small rotor leakage path " than the greater trochanter of the much larger, faster and the rotation of the rotor bearing wear more big, drag coefficient is bigger, coupled with the gear or belt friction. Small rotor efficiency loss greatly increased energy consumption. 

The service life of the compressor depending on:

* the screw host -- > speed -- > bearing -- > screw rotor diameter and speed determines the exhaust volume. In theory, this means to produce the same amount of air compression chamber, the smaller the small rotor must be relatively large compression cavity of the greater trochanter to turn faster. Fast speed, oil cycle increased, speed up the oil deterioration time, causing the machine oil high temperature, long time under high temperature, circulation, more effect on oil and gas oil separator into life. The rotor is your compressor to replace parts of the most expensive, and it also determines the most running costs.

Rotor tooth profile is --5~6 vs. 4~6 tooth profile 


4 to 6, toothed

5 to 6 toothed

Number of teeth

Shaped teeth less pressure large rotor gap

Rotor gap to reduce the pressure drop, reducing the amount of the high pressure gas leak back to increase the volumetric efficiency.

Bearing spacing

Pitch longer, running, gear and rotor short-lived flexing

Spacing shortest, flexing minimum, the diameter of the rotor design

Air sealing line

Rotor reduce the flow of compressed gas back to the gas seal line, but the bearing is approaching the end of its useful life, the bearing clearance to expand gas seal line produces severe wear, reduce efficiency, and even burned body

Unused gas seal line, the number of teeth to maintain the efficiency of the design of the rotor


5 to 6 the advantages of the toothed

(1)Back to the blow hole small

(2)Yin and yang rotor airtight better

(3)The same outer diameter of the rotor, its displacement to a large

(4)The rotor high precision by experiment that when the gap will be reduced to 1% of the volumetric efficiency increase 0.01mm. 


1.A Said air-cooled;

 2.The Company continue to study the product improvements, the right to retain design changes, such as the specifications are subject to change without notice, please understand.


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