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  • Product Name: High Pressure Air Compressor(RCZ)
  • Product No: High Pressure Air Compressor(RCZ)
  • Added time: 2015-12-19
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Motor Power(KW)


Maximum pressure(Mpa)

Compression stages

outlet diameter

Sewage outfall





1 RCZ-020A 26KW 2.0 m3 4.0Mpa 2 1" 1/2" 1600*1200*1300 1200  
2.1 m3 3.0Mpa
2 RCZ-030A 37KW 3.2 m3 4.0Mpa 2 1" 1/2" 1800*1300*1500 1400  
3.4 m3 3.0Mpa
3 RCZ-050A 59KW 5.0 m3 4.0Mpa 2 1-1/2" 1/2" 2000*1500*1600 1800  
6.0 m3 3.0Mpa
4 RCZ-60A 67KW 4.8 m3 6.0Mpa 3 1-1/2" 1/2" 2000*1500*1600 1800  
5 RCZ-075A 77KW 8.0 m3 4.0Mpa 2 1-1/2" 1/2" 2900*1600*1780 2400  
8.8 m3 3.0Mpa
6 RCZ-100A 105KW 10 m3 4.0Mpa 2 2" 1/2" 2900*1600*1780 2800  
11 m3 3.0Mpa
7 RCZ-110A 120KW 8.5 m3 6.0Mpa 3 1-1/2" 1/2" 2900*1600*1780 2800  
8 RCZ-175A 192KW 16 m3 4.0Mpa 2 2-1/2" 1" 3200*2000*2080 4800  
18 m3 3.0Mpa
9 RCZ-200A 235KW 20 m3 4.0Mpa 2 3" 1" 4000*2000*2200 6200 with air dryer
21 m3 3.0Mpa
10 RCZ-250A 310KW 28 m3 4.0Mpa 2 3-1/2" 1" 4000*2000*2200 7100 with air dryer
30 m3 3.0Mpa
11 RCZ-H400 46KW 3.0 m3 40.0Mpa 4 3/4" 1/2" 2800*1600*1750 600 with air dryer
12 RCZ-HS400 85KW 6.0 m3 40.0Mpa 4 1" 1/2" 2800*1600*1750 900 with air dryer


Detailed description
High-temperature and humidity environments were taken into consideration during ROT-COM desing.As a result,our compressors are able to operate normally all around the world. Even in the environment with a high temperature up to 46,the exhaust temperature of the compressors will not go beyond 100,What's more, ROT-COM employs worm hosts with greater rotor diameter,lower rotating speed,smaller friction, and lower temperature rise,which will greatly prolong the service life of lubricants and other parts 

The RSMPS are advantage in high stability,low noise and beautiful design.The pipe connection system is compact between booster and screw compressor in order to ensure the high stability and low noise.

The compressor package of the RSMPS include air compressor, air tank and aftercooler.

With scientific design and rational overall arrangement, it can save space and facilitate installation for you.

To get the best in reliable, oilless and waterless compressed air, The RSMPS have featured with equipment to remove oil content to less 0.001 PPM and water to the dew point -23C.

Specially air-cooled designed, It can avoid some questions that is the water pollution,furring and more cost. It's very economize resoureces and environmental more protection.

Inteligent microcomputer supervision have changed the method of instrumentation control.
The executing agency have been controlled by a solenoid valve. It not only improves the relia-bility but also reduces the fault and saves the cost,it contains the automatic retrieval and setup with the long-range control.These merits make a good advantage position in the market.

So if you want to own the best-built and best support air compressor for your business. ROT-COM is there to help when it comes to your compressed air requirements.


1.A Said air-cooled;

 2.The Company continue to study the product improvements, the right to retain design changes, such as the specifications are subject to change without notice, please understand.


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