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LCD intelligent microcomputer supervision system

intelligent microcomputer supervision,full automatic digital display in Chinese or English,light-touch keys,and only simple training required for operators.

intelligent thinking
self scanning


Security protection devices:consideration form all aspects

1.Exhaust over-temperature protection
2.Exhaust over-pressure protetion
3.Wrong power shutdown-Protection of phase defaultiong and phase inversion
4.Over-current protection
5.Electrical failure protection
6.Fan motor fault protection
7.Active motor overload protection
8.Active motor over-temperature protection(for models above 100hp)
9.Oil pressure abnormality protection (for models above 150hp)


Maintenance indicating devilces:pre-naintenance without wasting

1.Air filter--digital pressure difference indication and operation duration-Prompted when the preset value is reached
2.Engine oil filter--Digital pressure difference indication and operation duration-Prompted when the preset value is reached
3.oil fineness filter--digital pressure difference indication and operation duration-Prompted when the preset value is reached


Operation and control features:personalized supervision and management

1.Status display:(1)Shutdown;(2)Reconditioning;(3)Empty;(4)Standby
2.Data display:(1)Exhaust pressure;(2)System pressure;(3)Exnaust temperature;(4)Operating current
3.Operation setting:Password locking
1)Unloading pressure;(2)loading pressure;(3)Duration of shutdown due to zero load;(4)Automatic loading duration;(5)Add interlocking;(5)Setting inerlocking pressure difference;(7)Re-sequencing duration;

4.Multi-device interlocking control:Optonal;(1)Fixed sequence;(2)Automatic sequence-according to running time
5.Operation history record:Operation alarm;fault record
6.Computerized remote monitoring-A single system can be interconnected with up to ten devices.


New model planning for worm-type air compressor

Determination of pressure  

The higher the pressure is the greater power consumption is. The pressure drop resulting from the piping size and length plus the operating pressure is the lower limit pressure.
List the operating pressures of different models.if there is a major difference between operating pressures air compressors of different pressures of booster compressors shall be purchased.instead no pressure decrease that increases expenses in electricity is allowed.

Model selection

To save energy gas receivers shall be installed appropriately. The final result shall be the actual total air quantity plus a redundancy.
To save energy, be careful with the power consumption ratio, namely, the proportion between the actual air displacement(m3/minute)and the actual power consumption(KW). The greater is the value,the more is the energy is saved.


The site has to be spacious and well lighted,and convenient for operation and maintenance.
The site shall feature a low temperature, less dust,clean air and good ventilation.


Quality and requirements for compressed air 

There is a great amount of water in compressed air. With great damage on precision instruments,pneumatic tools,equipment,valves meters,and pipelines water content results in rusting,instrument blocking,product quality degrading and a great amount of money on maintenance and repair. As a result,it is quite necessary to install a compressed air cieaning system.

ROT-COM multi-unit interlock electric saving system does not need the other external control stations and it will be convenient for monitoring after being combined with the air compressor and IT. The entire management can be conducted on your own computer by using the 485 network.
The altemative operation function of the compressor can connect more than 10 machines by using the RS485 port integrated inside the intelligent controller and one of the compressors will be set as the master controller while the others will be the slave controller after being interlocked.The master controller will send the on or off commands to the slave controllers for controlling after the intelligent operation according to the system pressure fluctuation.The idling energy loss of the air compressor can be effectively reduced, the system pressure will be much more stable and the energy saving rate can reach 25% after many devices are connected together.


Major functions  

Simultaneously supervise the functions of the compressors through the monitor and set the running conditions in the office to save the labor and energy loss in controller running.
Expand the monitoring areas and improve the total maintenance, running and management time,total loading time,air exhausting pressure and temperatute,operation current failure detail information etc by using the network.

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